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Textbook Collections

On the university sites in Munich, Garching, Weihenstephan and Straubing, the University Library offers central textbook collections with study literature on various subjects.

How to find textbooks

Each collection includes frequently used core study literature in multiple copies. The books are freely available on the shelves and ordered according to the TUM classification system. All textbooks are listed in our Online Catalogue.

How to borrow textbooks

You can borrow text books locally or order at another branch library via the Online Catalogue. The guaranteed loan period for textbooks is four weeks after which our electronic library system will automatically renew the loan period by five months - if no reservation has been placed on the item by another library user. Please note that during the extension period you may receive an immediate recall and cancellation of the extension period by e-mail. Find out more about current return deadlines in your account display in the Online Catalogue.

More information under the headings loan services, loan periods, renewals and reservations.


The central Munich textbook collection can be found at the Branch Library Main Campus.

The textbook collection comprises some 30,000 volumes, distributed across 3,000 titles in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, electrical engineering, information technology, and economics.


Textbooks on this subject area can be found in the Branch Library Medicine. The textbook collection comprises about 1,000 volumes in the area of medicine.


The central Garching textbook collection can be found in the Branch Library Chemistry.

The textbook collection includes about 38,000 volumes, distributed across 2,800 titles in the fields of chemistry, physics, computer science, mathematics, and mechanical engineering.


The Weihenstephan textbook collection can be found in the Branch Library Life Sciences.

The textbook collection comprises some 10,000 volumes, distributed across 1,200 titles covering foundation studies and the fields of life sciences, agriculture and horticultural sciences, brewing, food technology, food science, forestry, landscape architecture, and landscape design.


The textbooks for the course of renewable resources can be found at the Branch Library Renewable Resources in Straubing.

The textbook collection comprises some 750 volumes, distributed across 120 titles for the bachelor and master course.
It is developing and constantly expanding.